Vi - Dhamaka Offer 699rs get 4GB data daily with weekly roll over, Don't Miss!

a new telecom provider from India it is a combined company of Vodafone and idea when Vodafone and idea recieved huge fine from telecom authority India it was unable to pay the fines due to that idea and Vodafone was in process to close thier company's in India but telecom authority of India thought that it will effect India's economy so they given opportunity to Vodafone and idea 10 years of time to pay the fines. 

So, Vodafone and idea utilised this opportunity and they started a new company named Vi to compete with jio and get new investments to get back on track which they lost due to jio revolution in process of reviving to compete jio and get back to profits and increase thier user base they started giving some new good offers. 

Yes, Vi have some good offers that will compete jio they have alot of offers but this popular 699 rs plan is the best of all this 699 plan gives 4GB daily data with weekly roll over which means you can utilise unused data that you left on Mon to Friday on Saturday and Sunday completely but if you are unable utilise it then you will loose the data. 

In compared to jio 599rs where you will only get 2GB data and no weely roll over feature but here in Vi just for 100rs extra you will get double data and utilise the unused data in week ends which is great feature that you won't get in other telecom networks. 

If you are looking for double data and ready to pay extra 100rs and you use a lot of data then Vi 699rs plan is the perfect choice to go. 

Finally, Vi 699rs plan is an amazing deal so don't miss it, we are using 699rs plan to its great we recommend you but little less speed but it's ok for us do check network coverage and speed in your area, see ya :)