Get .Com Or Any Top Level Domain's For Free

This days getting a top level domain like .com, .xyz or .space are important to get good authority to your website and adsense approval.

But, most domain registers provide domains at least cost 10$ even after applying promo codes.

Today, getting .com or any other top level domain for free is very lucky we found a way to get any top level domain for free.

To get the domains for free follow our steps.

- Get Domains For Free

2. Tap on search and enter your desired domain keywords.

3. Once done, enter the captch and tap on search.

4. Now will fetch all the domains available including .com for free.

5. Choose your desired top level domain and add it to cart and proceed.

6. Now fill your first name, last name, mobile no.
country, state, city and postal code.

7. Finally, enter your email address and password and click on check out.

Now, you will recieve registration confirmation email from in gmail do check your spam box in some cases.

Once, you click on registration click open in your favourite browser and now it will ask you to enter.

- Email

- Password.

Now, enter the email and password that you just created while ago and tap on login and wait.

You were now redirected to client area of domain that you registered with

It will take atleast 1hr to get your domain to get active untill then you'll see your domain in pending status, don't worry.

Still, not got verified then you can call to them or live chat regarding verification issue.

Finally, You just purchased a top level domain for free you will get all the benefits with premium customer care service and 25gb free hosting to, do mention in our comment section have you got the domain successfuly. See ya :-)